BUC54.X film

This basic model is suitable for 2-3 cats. It has a large Pagoda, a large open tunnel and a large oval bed. These are assembled on elegantly prepared hardwood poles. One of the poles is surrounded by sisal rope. Cats can sharpen their nails on this pole as well as on the hard-wearing carpet. Extra sisal roped poles can be added for a small extra cost. The X in the code means that this model has been finished off with pro-cat artificial leaves. The A in the code means that extra strong plush carpet has been used (crème-beige is the only colour), while code B means that Berber carpet has been used and code Q means extra strong plush luxurious carpet (only in beige) has been used. The total weight of this model is about 50kg and with its solid square base it is also very suitable for cat who like to jump off or play roughly. This tree will definitely not fall over. In case you would like to have a different kind of carpet, the code and extra cost of this carpet will be applied.




Size: 185x70x70 cm.

  BUC54.X BUC54.XS
Acheter Euro 885 Euro 935
échanger Euro 125 (au bout de 3 ans en bon état) Euro 150 (au bout de 3 ans en bon état)
lease Euro 20 (par mois et de) Euro 20 (par mois et de)

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