L4 movie


This model has a magnificent parcours with many beds and is very suitable for cats who like to scramble and like secret mains. All functions are present and because of that it is an often asked model. This model can be delivered in each colour or colour-combination and is suitable for four till eight cats. This model has a pagoda, a half tunnel, three large beds and an oval bed on top of the pagoda. These are assembled at heavy prepared wooden trunks, the cats can sharp their nails on it. This model is optional with catfriendly artificial leafs (model with code 'X'). The weight of this model is about 80 kg and gives a solid basis for cats who like to jump and play. Falling down during these things is absolutely impossible. The same model is also available with leafs (model L4.X) or with a trunk of sisal at the front side at scratch height (model L4.XS). In case of berber carpet the code 'B' has to be added.


Size: 58x58x215 cm.

Price: Euro 1435,-