Our website has gone through a lot of changes last weeks and more changes will come in the next few weeks. We have also added quite a few new models for outdoor use having a long lifetime as well. Doing so we have discovered that more and more customers want to have their cat tree built in accoordance with their own specifications. To support that we have developed the following steps to realise that because many people are not used to built their own tree. If you follow these steps 1 by 1 and send us the outcoming information by letter or e-mail, we will send you an offer you can't refuse. The more perges you use the less expensive and the more Pagodas, oval beds etc. in use the more expensive.
STEP-1 Decide where you want to have this cat furniture and give us the dimensions. Keep in mind:
  the number of cats using the tree
  the maximum height in cm
  the typical parts you want to have in the tree like oval bed, tunnel, pagoda etc.
STEP-2 Decide what level of quality you want to have:
  the tree has to last forever            A-class
  the tree has to last min. 10 years   B-class
  the tree has to last min.  5 years   C-class
  the type of carpet you like
  normal plushe (in any colour available)
  berber (comes in beige with a tone of colour)
  heavy plushe (comes only in cremebeige)
STEP-3 Decide the budget you want to spend, while keeping in mind that:
  the Pagoda is the most expensive part   with type SMALL or LARGE
  the Tunnel is the next expensive part   with type SMALL or LARGE
  the Oval Bed is the following part   with type SMALL or LARGE
  the halfround Perge is the next part   with type SMALL or LARGE
STEP-4 Decide if you want to buy at once or leasing or a temporarely financing
STEP-5 Decide which colour you like the carpet
STEP-6 Decide if you want some sisal in the tree and how much. Keep in mind that sisal is extra and less strong than hard wood
STEP-7 Decide if you want to enter our Masterplan Facilities offering a discount with payment upfront
STEP-8 Decide if there are any more details we should know of, like special wishes, special views, special sizes, etc


CatPalace kommt mit 3 Garantien und zwar:
1. Garantie von 3 Jahr auf der Konstruktion
2. Minimum 10 Jahr zur Verfügungs Garantie
3. Benutzungs Garantie von 14 Tagen