A CatPalace: that is just cool!


after 4 years


after 4 months



How is it possible that cats all over the world use their CatPalace. That is actually obvious, by the experience of the cat. You have to make it for granted that we can't come further than a simplicity reflection, because what cats can feel isn't to describe with words. Let's take a look in the world of Dandy, a magnificence breedcat, living in the neighbourhood of Rotterdam (the Netherlands).

She was just woke up and Dandy stretch out herselves, she likes it, afterwards she open her eyes to catch the warm sunbeams via the opening in the roof of her house. She is at her own place and is still sleeping, together with her girlfriends, for now that is in the pagoda of her CatPalace. She scratches herselves once again and pushes her back once extra against the heavy walls of her house. Further she is looking and purring around her if she can already eat something jet. After that she hears some rumble in the kitchen and decides to take a look. Before somebody knows she jumps out of the tree, along the perge and through the tunnel which are placed below the pagoda. After weeks of playing she discovers this fast-route through her CatPalace.

Almost every day she follows that route, sometime in a few seconds, without pushing herself, because of the nice soft carpet. After this manoeuvre the other cats prefer to lay down in the tree, through the stability of this true tree they felt hardley what's happening, only Sasja the oldest cat, who obtain her place in the tree at the upperward perge open her eyes. It is a little bit too early, but she decides very quick to take an example by Dandy, you'll never know what's on the menu today.

And so the day started for Dandy and Sasja, enjoying the beams of the morning sun, They get into the kitchen and discover the wonderfull dishes which are waiting for them. With smart bites the meal will be eaten, and Dandy think it is time to attend her girlfriends to tell about this delicious meal. She's disappearing in no time to the living room, her tree is there. She wakes all colleagues by climbing through the tree. Here and there a cat is making protest, but before she know all cats are enjoying of the nice food.

But what is Sasja doing: she get's a playing toy from the corner of the kitchen and just that playing toy I forgot for a few days. I can't accept that, and as soon as possible I snatch this playing toy from Sasja. After any rompling I was loosing and decide to pull back in the tree. With full speed I climb in the tree and keep hanging on the carpet, confused looking around me whats happening. With a little power I pull my strong nails upward to the perge most on top, enjoying the beautiful view. Suddenly I feel a sharp stroke on my tail and see, Sasja comes, she makes clear at her own opinionated way that i'm at forbidden ground. In time of a second I was ensconed out of my house, hiding of a safe place. At the only way I have a security feeling, while there is always flightway in case of danger, either upward through the roof, but I am with Sasja, or through the front of the house where I'm standing with any acrobatic turns. Sometimes I won't get out of there. So we can play for hours, or if we are tired: sleep.

We feel like home in a CatPalace, because no aims of strange smells like plastic, glue of other unnatural air is there. It is well known that we, cats have a sharpe nose. We feel it within a few seconds, that this climbing-furniture is made for us, because we smell the nature and feel at home from the first moment.

We advise all other bosses to not be make a climb-furniture by themselves, by the way all makers of a CatPalace have been learned that the use of changing soft kind of woods the chance at vermins and especially bacteria's are increasing. That is why each CatPalace will be made of American hard wood. Besides this will be very natural prepared at 120 degrees Celcius under 4 atmosphere over pressured steam. Lets not forget the woodworm, because these worms can affect also other furniture.

Besides the wood we also have heavy required to the carpet. Each cat has their own way to use the carpet. I'd like to scratch very hard, while I know that Sasja prefer to scratch her nails in horizontal direction. Not each carpet is be matched against it, while some catfriends died because they get a climbing tree with aldehyden in the material.

In one word, give us the pleasure of a CatPalace. It changed our lives drastically, while it gave us an own place in house.

We have been telling it and showing it to our potential clients for over 20 years now; a bargain can easily become a bad bargain.

The picture on the right shows a large model, produced by one of our Chinese colleagues (Europet), with a selling price of Euro 400,-. This model has been in use for about 4 months by 4 to 6 cats. The other picture shows a large second-hand model produced by CatPalace. This model is approx. 4 years old. As you can see, it is still in quite good shape and if necessary, reparations can easily be made. It can also be traded in when buying one of our new models, so it still is of value. However, the cheap Chinese tree can be thrown away directly and will be written of at once

Furthermore, the tree on the right (Europet) is delivered with no guarantee at all, while CatPalace offers no less than 3 different kinds of guarantee, together with the additional guarantee that a CatPalace tree will never fall over if used in a normal way.

One picture says more than a 1000 words. It has just been proven once again.


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