Cats enjoy it!


As a life insurance for your furniture or cat tree belongs a scratch pole to the basic equipment of each cat. If a cat does not have a scratching post he gets to often on the furniture, the wallpaper or the curtains to scratch their nails. And cats do it naturally.

The most scratching posts aren't decorative and only made for scratching. Further they are not stable at build for intensive use by more than one cat.

With the arrival of CatPalace cat trees this problem ended. Fall down of a CatPalace isn't possible, while they look decoratively and can be used for cats which look decoratively and can be intensive used. Not only for sharping their nails, but also to play in it, sleep, have power over the other cats and enjoy.


The secret of this success of CatPalace is the basis. These trees are getting made of pure natural materials, with is resulting in the fact that each cat feels at home in the cat tree after a few minutes or even seconds. As organ of a sensible animal cats can smell the nature, and that invites, because also a housecat is a nature animal, with an own instinct and character. If it is about some housecats or a always heavy Maine Coon cats or a family of Persians, CatPalace offers a solid and especially stabile accomodation. In short, each cat gets a safe feeling and make use of this glorious furniture.

Savannah with baby Panther

The CatPalace collection offers the choice from two possibilities, cat furniture and cat trees as living and playing ground for the house cats and cat toys as a playing toy in shapes as several nice and very apart furniture. These decorations can also been made especially for your cats CatPalace will. There is a CatPalace for Persians, or another model for Siameses, etc.

The high beautiful every cats needs level of quality and stability of this product is to be found at a higher price. Each catlover can spend an Euro a day. Financing that CatPalace will a long time contract. For further information you can contact us.



CatPalace produce/distribute its cattrees products throughout Europe. The costs of a supply to the customer remain limited because we deliver several customers on a socalled "route". Doing so we deliver to Glasgow over Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and London as a result of which the costs by customer remain relatively low. The smaller models are sent by bode or by mail.


CatPalace with warrenty, great isn't it?
2 weeks that the cat will use it
3 years on costruction
at least 10 years of lifetime
By using a red laserlight you are able to challenge a cat to use the sisaltrunk to keep them in a healthy condition. This extension can be realized on each model with the additional code "F" from Fitness.