The frequently asked questions to CatPalace


Question: How is it possible that cats like to use a CatPalace?

Response: All over the world we have made more than 400,000 cats happy with a CatPalace. Since the introduction in Europe, at the end of 1992 have more than 34,000 cats their own CatPalace.


Question: My cat is realy big. Are you sure the openings in the components of the tree are big enough?

Response: Each tree is designed to accomodate even the Maine Coon and the Ragdoll cats (very large breeds) and even though the openings may appear small to us humans, in fact, even the largest domestic cat will fit all components.


Question: Is the tree stable? My cats hit things at incredible speeds!

Response: Each tree is custom balanced so as to prevent tipping and have actually been designed to sustain the weight of adult humans weighing 200 pounds. Five current San Fransisco customers called us to report that during the earthquake, the only thing in their houses that did not fall over was the "Cat House Originals" cat furniture. One customer said: "As soon as the ground started shaking, my cats actually ran for the tree and rode out the entire tremor in the tree". Another customer called from South Carolina to report that Hurricane "Hugo" had blown away the front porch roof of their home. The cat tree had been on the porch with other furniture when they evacuated. Upon their return home, the only thing on the porch was the cat tree, standing right where they'd left it.


Question: I live in a small apartment (condo, house, etc.) and the tree is to large. Where would I put it?

Response: In reality, the tree appears large but actually takes up only 56 cm x 56 cm of floor space (about the size of a small end table or large litter box.) Over 1.000 trees are sold each year in New York City for apartment dwelling cats and these were really little more than one room apartments. The trees allow a stable environment with the protective height a cat always desires.


Question: How do I get the tree home?

Response: Even the largest trees can fit in the back of station wagons, pick up trucks hatchbacks, and car trunks. We recommend tying each end of the tree to the hinges of the inside of the sedan's trunk lid. Protective blankets or such should be used to protect the rear upper fenders of the car. You may have a local delivery service available or want to provide such service to your customers as a good will gesture or for a nominal fee.


Question: What if my cat won't use the tree? I've tried other cat furniture and my cat's too finicky. For that much money I want to be sure my cat will use it.

Response: Each tree is "cat back guaranteed". This means that if the cat does not use the tree within 14 days, we take the tree back and refund the customer (you). This has only happened 6 times in over 40,000 trees sold.


Question: Can I get the furniture in a colour to match my decor?

Response: At least 25% of the trees crafted at CatPalace are custom creations for interior design schemes or for that special cat who is disabled or declawed. We are usually able to match nearly any colour required if the carpet is available. The additional charge for these special creations is 30% for the custom work.


Question: These trees cost so much. Why would I spend so much on my cat when there are other less expensive brands?

Response: As with any other product, no matter what it is you can always find something cheaper, but there is always a reason for that. A unit that is bought for $89 that lasts for 6 months is a lot more expensive in the long run than one bought for $200 which lasts for three or more years. Even more importantly. If the $89 is paid for the other brand and the cat refuses to use it, there is no opportunity to return that item. CatPalace guarantees all of its furniture will be used by any and all cats.


Question: Of what benefit is the tree to my cat and me?

Response: We have received hundreds of letters stating the cost of the tree to be unimportant considering the savings that was achieved on the people furniture in the house. The tree also encourages the cat to exercise which makes for a healthier cat. The unit becomes a play area and even a conversation piece for the human. Noteables such as Sally Jessy Raphael and Rob Weller have our trees for the cats.


Question: I could build one of those myself and problably cheaper couldn't I?

Response: Please advise the customer that there are many types of wood which are harmful for cats. Special high-power tools are used and thousands of special staples in order to prevent carpet pull-off. Our construction methods guarantee the tree will not tip over. It takes even the most adept individuals at least 30 hours to collect and rent all materials necessary. Is their time worth it?


Question: I have no tranport option myself to collect my cat tree and my cats aren't using the tree. What's next?

Response: All or cat tree have the return money back garantee if your cats aren't using the CatPalace cat tree. In those cases we will collect the tree at your house, please ring us to discuss details.


Question: Overtime my cat tree is damaged, do you do home repairs?

Response: Absolutely we can repair you CatPalace cat tree and we do house calls, please send us an email with attached photo's of your cat tree. This way we have a good view what's needs to be done.


A CatPalace is not only having a longer lifetime, but can also been repaired


Of course a scratch pole is meant to brake down and that is happening regular. Especially if it is about many cats a tree or in a situation with very strong cats which less able to resist.

CatPalace is as far as we know the only one who offers the service to repair the scratch pole. It is possible directly at the customer at home or at hour atelier, if you bring in the tree. We can repair the tree at two ways: repair and cover only the damaged places. But we can also cover the whole tree. The latest option is of course much more expensive, but the tree is as new again.

The repairing of a scratch pole can be made at request, so on basis of after-calculation with a price-indication directly. As alternative we have the possibility to maka an maintenance=contract against a fixed price. Once a year we come to our customers to take a look at the tree and if needed repairing. The only time it is less work, the other time much work. But that is our risk. The contract of the carpet and artificial leafs can be seperated, for example the leafs can checked each year and the carpet each 3 years. Just what the best is and how the tree is getting used.

The costs of a reparation can be estimated on the basis of the next items:

Normal carpet 0,4 m2 (square metres) à € 44,=

Catfriendly artificial leafs per bough € 4,=

Hourly wage for reparation per hour € 35,= (only working hours)

Costs of transport depending on the distance