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Visit us In Waardenburg we have the disposal of a large showroom where we have continually such a 200 different CatPalace models. We have also a seperate corner with so-called occasion models, elsewhere on this homepage information can be found.
  The showroom is daily opened from 09.00 am. till ca. 17.00 pm. and further mostly on appointment. We are frequently on Saturday and on Wednesday-evening present, but if this is not suitable please let us know or make an appointment.
  The profit of a visit on the showroom is that you can see and feel the models but also we can discuss about the desired carry out. Especially if you have a design in mind or a developed design made by us, visit our showroom is a good investment.
  Our showroom is a part of the company and is located between our other products. Besides you can see on the spot how a CatPalace will be made and you can also get familiair with our other products (tunnels, play feathers, hang-pillows, cathair-bristles and a lot more). Given the lot of information which is available, a visit to our showroom during advantage about 0,5-1,5 hours. If you are interested in our other products, under which artificial trees, bouquets, Christmas trees and other animal residences, a visit is absolute succesful and useful spend.
  Elsewhere on this website marked is how to reach our showroom by car or public transport. If you come by train it is possible to pick you up from the NS-trainstation and bring you back again to there. We have the disposal of enough free carparking.







  Address: Veilingweg 1B
5301 KM     Zaltbommel
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 618886855 or +31 648168706













Interior-plantation without any care with careless green.
  Since 1983 Rent-a-fleur organize the most divergent projects with interior-plantation for the trade and industry, offices, caterers, hospitals, shopping-centres, restaurants, hotels, institutions for care of health, villa's and country-houses, partycentra, swimming-baths, musea, meeting-rooms, canteens, clubs, golfcentra and much more.
  In 1991 we started with the development of CatPalace. Quickly we got the opportunity to co-operate with some American factories which means that we could fall back at yearly product-development and breeder know how. The result of this know how is that we put more than 100 different kind of models on the market in a large range of colours with several kind of carpet. The basis of the success is the choice for safety of the cat. All products are for 100% catsafe, contain not any dangerous or poisonous substances and are such stabil that fall down is excluded. The market discern these importances even more, which means more and more people decide to buy a climb-furniture.
  Not only in the Netherlands but since 1993, also more and more abroad. In the meantime more than 50% of the sales are from abroad, that's logical, because the country's in the surroundings are much bigger. 
  The basis of our success is the quality of our products. Very beloved and not from real to distinguish and in some cases based on stabilized real plants. The support of our customers is an important factor of succes through offering a total-packet. At least not everybody would like to look at the same plants of many years, wheareas people always prefer low last.
  This vision was always the basis for our name. By choosing for a draft of rent our formula is straight visible, with as extra that our company-name is good in memory. The next years CatPalace is getting more and more important in our company and that results in a independent part in our activity and will be indepentently in a own society.












Each tree is custom designed balancing each component of the tree. All parts are attached in such a way that they will not come apart. The trees will literally hold the weight of a large male adult human.


Over twelve thousand divergent end (non-removable) staples are put into every tree. This means that as a cat pulls at the carpet it is securely attached and doesn't fray easily. We guarantee our product will last at least three times longer than any competitive product under like condition.


Tree Bark:
The supports for the tree utilize real tree limbs. This feature adds both beauty as well as natural alternative for cats that like to reach up to scratch.


The trees are made for the cats by people who own cats and know the habits of variety of cat breeds. We do not design for UNCAT reasons such as ease of shipping, material costs, or what humans have been trained by prior manufactures to believe what cats want. These tree designs have been cat tested and approved for over twelve months through sales at cat shows throughout the country and have become the preferred cat scratch post for professional cat breeders worldwide.


Hand Crafting:
Each tree is hand-crafted so by nature becomes a custom piece of art. Many customers have called their tree the best conversation piece they have ever owned.


No glue is used, a special non-retractible staple is used, and each tree limb is treated (non-toxic) to assure no infection occurs. All components are curved to fit a cat's body, so a sleeping cat will not roll out and hurt himself. Components are arranged for ease of climbing up AND down for even the oldest or heaviest cats. With 40,000 trees produced there has one instance of a cat or human injured due to our tree.











Hello cat lovers,

Our Internet website will undergo a number of large changes in the coming weeks, with the goal to keep you better informed concerning our continuously growing collection cat furniture. Particularly for the outdoor environment we have developed a lot of new models for all cats that like to play in something outside. That not only keeps them healthy, but also ensures that they can enjoy the open air in a normal manner for cats.

Another important change is the use of 3D images.
Therefore, prerecordings of all models have been made in the space, so that the visitor of our Internet site gets an even better impression of the dimensions of the model and the given playing route throughout the model. The next step will be, that the visitors can select the colour of the carpet themselves, and see online what the chosen model will look like. These changes demand a large effort so it might take a while to realise it. Because we are able to work with the required technology, it will surely come true.

After all, we are getting an Internet website which will overwhelm our colleges tree builders and which will also give you much more information than can be found on any other website. For all people who are looking for the best, but especially the healthiest product for their cats.

Kindest regards,
From the CatPalace Team
Walter Boekestein









The produkt codes of CatPalace are built up using the following letters and digits. There are digits before and after the dot which represents the different variabels of the models.
Before the dot: code R is an indication for all small models with small components
  code B is for all models having just perges
  code C is a model with perges and tunnels
  code D is the smallest model having a Pagoda
  code E is a model having 2 half tunnels and 2-4 perges
  code F, G, H and K are medium sisez models having a pagoda
  code L, M and N are for the larger models
  code 1 represents for for a house with a flat roof
  code 2 represents for a pagoda in the model
  code 3 represents for all models having an oval bed on top of the pagoda
  code 4 represents for all models with a dubbel pagoda
  code 2 represents the number of units when there is no pagoda
After the dot: code X represents the use of silk artificial cat friendlyleaves
  code A represents the use of heavy strong plushe carpet
  code B represents for use of heavy strong berber carpet
  code S represents the use of a trunk with sisal
  code SS represents the use of sisal on all trunks
  code W represents a wheather resistant model
  code D represents for een model that is coming from a standard model with some deviations